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The Latin Grufti project began to be produced by Talita Bazzo Rauber at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, when social isolation became a reality. Initially, it involved experiments in the areas of music, video, dance and performance, resulting in videos that transitioned between video-performance and video-dance, later consolidating as music videos. As the project evolved, the artist also explored Gothic concepts, identifying elements that permeated her work and inspired her to create new works.

The artist associated the climate of fear of the 1980s - which, according to Christoph Grunenberg, resulted in a resurgence of Gothic - with the fear induced by the disease. In this way, one can think of the quarantine period as a Gothic period. The unknown, airborne virus has turned anyone into a potential monster, a possible carrier of the deadly virus.

With the gradual easing of social isolation, after almost two years of the project, the artist was invited to perform at a night event for the goth subculture, which made her realize that the project had the characteristics of a band. She started to create live shows, seeing presentations as performances, event-works, art production.

To date, the project has produced ten videos, released on YouTube between 2020 and 2023, an album, called Pandemia, with seven songs available on streaming platforms, and five shows held in various cities. Most of the shows were held at goth subculture events, and the performances were recorded and shared on YouTube.

Project Phases


Master studies

The begining of the master's degree on the "Latin Grufti" project in the Postgraduate program in Visual Arts at the University of São Paulo, in the field of Visual Poetics, and interactions between Art&Rock, with supervising professor Mário Ramiro.

To think about producing other works in other expressive means that surround the themes of the songs.


Show presentations

In the 2022 carnival, with the easing of isolation, the project was invited to participate in the Gothic Carnival, in Curitiba. Since August 2020, shows began to be thought of as event-works, due to the search for the artistic character of performance presentations.



The deepening the study of Gothic in the Arts and academic production of the monograph entitled "Latin Grufti: poetic and audiovisual production", supervised by professor Luana Veiga, at the Federal University of Paraná, degree in Visual Arts.


Music Videos

From the fourth video, Das Leben , released in June 2020, the work began to take on a character more focused on the music video medium, with a more organized musical structures and lyrics.


Experimental videos

From March to May 2020, three videos were produced. The first, Quarantine is now Activated , was the most experimental of all. The second, Histeria , a more performative video, a political critique. The third, Headache/Dor de Cabeça , has the character of a short film, a small narrative of the experience in isolation.

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